Design, marketing and print for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical service companies.

For more than ten years PrintFast has been proving print, marketing, and design services for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical service companies. We are a premier CEO Warrior partner, and we’re the proud recipients of the 2018 Warrior of the year award.

Marketing collateral is an essential part of any business. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical service experts rapidly increase revenue and growth with our strategically designed and developed service kits, direct mail campaigns, SEO/SEM plans, and “thank you” program. Check out our monthly design membership plans that provide unlimited marketing and engagement possibilities.


Unlike other forms of advertising, in which you’re never sure just who’s getting your message, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. This allows you to control who receives your message based on demographics, when it’s delivered, the content of the message and how many people you reach. We like to say “it’s an opportunity to put your brand into a homeowner’s hand.”



Elevate your business to the highest level of exceptional customer service by sending “Thank You” cards, signed by the “business owner” one week after the sale. Successful businesses build solid customer loyalty and repeat business just by sending Thank You cards. You can include a gift card for products and services to keep your clients coming back. We offer many different programs to suit your needs.



Selling Membership Plans is a key part of your business. We support you with a variety of custom-produced membership welcome mailings. From a simple “welcome” greeting card to a comprehensive, “new member” experience packet, we deliver the mailing that best suits your needs. Just send us your new member list each week and we will mail out your new member welcome packs in just one business day.



Your service experts always need the right tools to provide the highest level of service to your clients. Another important tool that they should always carry are service packs. Service packs are a collection of your most important brochures, equipment stickers, insurance forms and other items that are packaged in an attractive presentation folder to be opened when your service expert is sitting with the homeowner.


Begin building your custom designed and printed marketing materials, while starting your targeted direct mail marketing campaign. Call today for details.

You have been a blessing in so many ways to Gold Medal Service. You always treat my company like it is your own and your feedback has been a key part of what has helped us grow, year after year, to the 32 Million dollar company we are today. You make business easy by taking the marketing and printing off our back, allowing us to focus on growing the business. Thanks for your attention to detail and marketing knowledge.

Mike Agugliaro – /

Our number one success with marketing our company, who we are & how we want to be remembered, revolves entirely around regularly communicating with our customers, our best ambassadors.

To effectively accomplish this, we choose the PrintFast team as our #1 preferred partner in making this a simple and seamless process.

The PrintFast Thank You Card Program does just that.

Their automated Thank You Card Program makes it easy for us to personally thank each & every customer following every service or installation and keep them coming back with a customized gift card specifically for our company services.

This by far provides our best return on investment in retaining and acquiring customers!

Thank you PrintFast Team,   Lou Hobaica

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