Are you a what to do person, or a what not to do person? When it comes to making good choices,or avoiding not so good ones, we want to make sure you’re well-equipped on your way to marketing success! So, as a counterpoint to our 11 Marketing Habits of Successful Business Owners, we bring you 5 Marketing Mistakes Owners Never Make.

  1. They don’t give up prematurely.
    Successful owners don’t “cut their losses” early. They stick it out long enough to see a win. It’s a bit like taking vitamins, or staying disciplined on a diet. Your returns don’t always come overnight, particularly if you’re seeking longevity. The momentum of marketing takes a minute. Depending on your buying cycle, it varies how soon you’ll see sales revenue, but it’s crucial to keep the cycle of your repeat mailings robust. You must create and maintain the snowball effect, in order to continuously reap what you sow. You’re not looking for a spike in business followed by a lull. The aim is to build a steady stream of leads over time. To do this, you must not give up. Keep marketing. At least long enough to see those vitamins work.
  2. They don’t act “thirsty.”
    It’s all about the “soft” sell. No one likes being sold to, and in our saturated age the buyer has become increasingly sensitive to it. Over 3/4 of Americans are on the “do not call” registry. Well over 80% of Americans skip through tv commercials. So, how do you make sure your postcards don’t send these ad-sensitive folks running the other way? You make sure your postcard focuses on the benefits of your product or service, to draw your potential customer. Make them feel they’re making the first move. When they call or visit the website, you can then capture their contact information, either with a new caller sheet or through the analytics from your landing page. Then, you can follow up. They’ll always remember that sensational freedom of reaching out to you first.
  3. They don’t act “shady.”
    Along the same lines as above, people are wary of scams and “too good to be trues”. When offering a value in your marketing, make sure it’s a deal that has enough value without being far-fetched or riddled with fine print. Remember, you’re looking to build trust and gain loyal customers. That relationship begins with content of your very first postcard. Asking yourself if the deal you’re offering would entice you to call is usually a great litmus test for how your prospects will respond.
  4. They don’t “ghost” after a sale.
    Sometimes, your loyal customers are as much a part of your marketing strategy as the elusive newbies you’re courting. It can cost 10 times more to acquire a customer than to keep an existing one coming back. Add to that the power of a referral (referrals are 4 times more likely to buy) and you may see the true bottom line value of nurturing solid customer relationships. Talk to your customers. Let them know you care by listening, surveying what their problems are, and solving them! Give them exclusive deals, send them birthday cards. Follow them back on social media. Make them feel special.
  5. They don’t depend on the electronic age to get them leads.
    Once you’ve acquired a customer, email and social media are great ways to keep in touch, but they’re not always the best way to generate leads. Many people find it invasive to receive emails from a company from whom they’ve not asked to hear. And, according to Marketing Donut, only 16% of marketers say they’re able to demonstrate ROI from social media on a regular basis. In fact, 68% of Americans ignore brand posts, according to content management provider Kentico. On the flip side, according to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail gets 48 TIMES the response rate of email when reaching new prospects.

So, mix it up, and don’t mess it up! The glass is half full and half empty. We know that if you follow our tips on what not to do, along with our tips on what to do, you’ll achieve great, balanced marketing success both ways!