What’s that busy, buzzing sound? It’s the bustle of the somewhere near 41 million Americans who move each year. Many of those eager movers are moving to your area, fresh, curious and enthusiastic to set up shop in a brand new place. By extending special new-customer offers and discounts, you have an opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with these individuals and families, as they look to set down new roots.

Where can you find the data to effectively market to this demographic? Fortunately, you can subscribe to new homeowner mailing lists. With a little savvy and guidance you can leverage these lists to your advantage. Here are 7 reasons you’ll be happy you did!

Reason #1: You Can Make Hay While the Sun Shines

..And all of those other “early bird” clichés! We can all relate to the feeling of making a home in a new place. There’s the flutter of activity, the unpacking, organizing, and getting the lay of the land. And soon enough, the search is on to replace the service providers recently left behind. Most new homeowners are so busy, they rely on geographical convenience or happenstance to find them. Imagine the value in receiving a customized direct mail piece addressed to you. Maybe it offers a $50 off coupon for any needed HVAC, plumbing or electrical work. Or perhaps a special coupon to tune up their existing HVAC equipment. With the expense of moving, it makes perfect sense to give that business a try. This is a small window of opportunity to beat “happenstance” to the punch, and

gain their business!

Reason #2: It’s a Great Bang for your Marketing Buck

Small businesses don’t always have an enormous marketing budget, so it’s important that your dollars work smarter, not harder. Leveraging your new homeowner mailing list focuses on a hot prospect category. By narrowing your mailing list down to prospects most likely to make a purchase, you set your budget up to win.

Reason #3: It’s an Effective Use of Coupons and Other Special Offers

We’ve all absentmindedly heard an intriguing radio ad, but unless we were at a stoplight to write it down, the message likely went in one ear and out the other. TV and newspaper are expensive, but more importantly rarely result in a leave-behind with your prospects. As a new mover, it’s incredibly effective to have a 20% off coupon in your hand. Direct mail pieces allow you to target specific prospects with offers tailored just for them. They’ll appreciate the special offer helping to offset the costs of their recent move, and will likely become lifetime customers.

Reason #4: Speaking of Lifetime Customers…

Consider the fact that the lifetime value of a customer is much greater than the value of an average single purchase. For example, the annual lifetime value of a HVAC/plumbing/electrical customer can be as high as $50,000. So it’s really important to focus in on the new homeowner market. This first purchase could be the beginning of a long customer relationship.

Reason #5: New Homeowners Need What You Offer

In fact, stats show new homeowners are 4 to 8 times more likely to respond to direct mail than are longtime residents. That’s because, once a relationship is established, people are unlikely to switch. They’d rather stick with what they know, than arbitrarily risk dissatisfaction with something new. That’s why being the first to garner their trust in your business, while they’re still looking, works to your advantage.

Reason #6: New Homeowners Are Great at Spreading the Word

Giving great advice is one of life’s under-sung pleasures. When a new homeowner has the opportunity to tell another new homeowner (they tend to stick together) about a product or service they enjoyed, they do! If you make their life easier, they want to pay it forward. This word-of-mouth advertising can give you an even more satisfying return on your investment.

Reason #7: Your Competitors Might Already Be On It

One of the most compelling reasons to leverage your new homeowner mailing list is that your competition may already be doing so. Do you ever find yourself wondering why a competing business seems to just be “easily” getting ahead? They’re likely utilizing a targeted direct mail campaign. No one can call you if they don’t know you’re there. Don’t play second best when your success is as easy as being proactive. Get your message in front of the new movers in your area before your competitors do.

So, leverage those new homeowner mailing lists, and get your customized direct mail campaign in front of those who need your services most. The value of knowing you’re helping people thrive in their new homes will only be eclipsed by the lifetime dollar value of their loyalty.



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