It’s almost a New Year, and whether we like it or not, we’re surrounded by messages about ways to improve our wellness. From gym memberships to detoxes to diet plans. If there’s one thing these have in common, like many things do, it’s that you have to stick to them in order for them to work. And, the same goes for your marketing. Marketing without strategy is like a flabby couch potato. Marketing with a strategy in place is like, well, Arnold. Let’s take a look into how we can pump *clap* you up with a great marketing plan in 2019.

Dream, Plan, Reality

You can’t get from one (Dream) to the other (Reality) without the one in the middle (Plan). The same way you can’t head into the gym without a plan and expect to get a consistent full-body workout. You need a strategy to see your dreams become reality. So, do your research, hire or be your own personal trainer, and come up with measurable goals and an over-achiever’s eye to exceed them. The same way you’d plan to strengthen your legs, arms, abs, or cardiovascular system, plan to strengthen ways to reach your target market. Compare your market position with that of your competitors the same way you’d assess the other bodybuilders in your weight class. Strategize to build in some places and get leaner in others. Then, you can see how you can best utilize your time, budget, and resources to exceed your goals. 

Keep It Fresh

Experts say one of the fastest killers of a new workout routine is boredom. After the novelty wears off, who wants to do the same machines or run the same trail day after day? Most don’t, and so they quit. The ones who last are those who can find a way to mix it up and keep it interesting. Actively seek new knowledge, subscribe to newsletters (like this one!) for new ideas, attend expos, and stay abreast of new marketing trends and technologies. Industry benchmarks are always shifting and evolving, and so are you. Remember to enjoy the process by keeping it interesting.


Track Your Results

Another great way to stay motivated is to track what’s working and what isn’t in order to conserve your energy and work smarter. Are the whey protein shakes building better muscle mass than the pea protein? If you’re spinning your wheels, outside of your ideal heart rate, you may not be burning the fat, gaining the muscle, or effectively reaching your market segment. Tracking results means you’ll spend more time on the tasks that move your goals forward and less time burning valuable fuel on tasks that don’t.

Stay Honest

You know the feeling when you step on the scale, and you’re so shocked by the number you greatly over-estimate the weight of the tee shirt and jeans you’re wearing? Don’t do that with your data. When tracking your metrics, it’s easy to get caught up in vanity metrics to make things look as rosy as possible. But, the more honest you are, the better your results will be in the long run. No one loses 15 pounds “overnight” and keeps it off, and it takes time to get in shape and build strength. Give yourself the gift of accuracy while charting your progress.

So, use these last few days of 2018 to reflect, enjoy your friends and family, dream, and rest up. Then, set your eye on the prize, and make your dreams a reality in the New Year. Plan to up your game! Gym membership or not.