Deciding which marketing option to choose is a bit like the climax of a romantic comedy. Picturethe male lead (our hero) at dinner with the woman he thinks is “the one”, when he suddenly realizes something is missing, and the woman he really loves is boarding a plane to Australia. Cut to our hero sprinting through the airport, dodging families and beeping service carts. Both women fill his basic needs for companionship. However, one is just slightly better suited for our hero. Maybe she
listens better and gets his jokes. Maybe he adores her strength and moxie. When it comes to generating leads for your business, there are many great options, some may even laugh at your jokes, but how to narrow the options down to find your airport girl? Luckily, there are facts to help recognize “the one.”

If your prospective customers are already looking for you, pay-per-click is great. The same goes for email marketing. If your prospects have already inquired about your goods or services, they’ll appreciate the email follow-up. Social media is an interactive way to engage with customers that have expressed some interest in, or already bought from your business. But, without those prerequisites, your marketing may actually feel a bit invasive to your prospect. No one wants that.

We think the run-through-the-airport option is postcard marketing. Firstly, it’s proactive. You’re seeking the leads rather than waiting for clicks. And, people find it more acceptable. According to an Epsilon study, more than half of consumers
prefer direct mail over email for introductory promotions. Additionally, in the last three months, 40% of consumers have made a purchase from a mailing they received. 92% of Millennials (a market you’d think would be excluded from these stats in favor of digital marketing) actually prefer direct mail when deciding on a purchase. To really cement print marketing as our airport heroine, 56% of consumers feel print marketing is the most trustworthy.

For follow up and maintaining customer relationships, digital marketing has a lot to offer as a piece of the whole. But, when it comes to generating leads, print marketing is still “the one”. The flight is leaving in 10 minutes from Gate A. Get going!