When it comes to postcard campaigns, there are some marketing principles that get results every time. If the crowning principle of these is Repetition (a prospect needs to get your message multiple times for it to make an impression), the brilliant jewels in the crown are called Benefits.

The verbiage on a postcard can state the facts about a service all day long, but a customer doesn’t always have the time to ask, “So what?” They need to understand not just what’s offered, but what the Benefits will be to them. It’s a subtle shift that goes a long way.

Listing the Benefits of your business (rather than the Features, or facts) drives sales because it helps your customers see your business as a solution.

Some examples:

Feature: Lower prices.
Benefit (What they get): Saves money.

Feature: Open late.
Benefit: Flexible hours for the busy shopper.

Feature: Hundreds of carpets to choose from.
Benefit: Find the carpet of your dreams.

The Benefit appeals to the senses and emotions, but it’s also practical. It’s a Feature, applied. Brainstorm the top few benefits of doing business with you, and list them on your postcard.

To get even more mileage from your postcard content, build trust by including a happy customer testimonial and/or offering a guarantee. Offer your service at a value that makes it easy to say yes, with an expiration date to create urgency. Then, wrap it up with a call-to-action that tells them exactly how to get in touch for more information.

Focusing on the Benefits will help your customers recognize a good thing when they read it. And hopefully, your reading this Feature will result in the Benefit of more effective marketing for your business!