Einstein said, “Imagination is More Important than Knowledge.” Well, we got the chance to blend them both when Rachel Kaisler, of Professional Heating & Cooling, contacted us for help designing, printing, and mailing their new postcard marketing campaign. The timing was just right to advertise their A/C tune-up service because their local electric company was offering a $50 credit to homeowners for having a professional A/C tune-up. To add another special discount, Professional Heating & Cooling was offering a $30 instant credit.

Initially, creating an effective design that would explain three levels of pricing sounded like a challenge. An equation, if you will. It needed to be eye-catching, memorable, clear and concise. Then, BOOM! Our humble version of e=mc2. The solution was a classroom theme, with a chalkboard and math demonstration, presented by an Einstein character, with the tag line, “You don’t have to be a genius to see the savings!” His lesson would sum up the pricing and illuminate the huge savings of the A/C tune-up offer.

The layout design came next. We needed a postcard that would fit the robust message, while being readable and engaging to homeowners. Once again, we chose to use EDDM (Every Door Direct Product) from the US Postal Service. EDDM allows a jumbo 12”
x 9” postcard, which we thought would be the perfect way to present Professional Heating & Cooling’s service and savings offer. If you’ve read our newsletter, you know EDDM postcards are a low-cost tool for mailing crazy-big postcards that are really like sending billboards (or, in this case, chalkboards) in the mail.

The benefits of sending EDDM postcards are:

  • They’re huge, and stand out in anyone’s mailbox.
  • They immediately grab the homeowner’s attention, especially compared with smaller envelopes and postcards.
  • The 12” x 9” size accommodates an abundance of content, including coupons, delivering more marketing value, for the same postage as smaller postcards.
  • Since EDDM postcards don’t need to be addressed by us, there is no additional address-service cost to our clients.
  • EDDM postcards have minimal design restrictions from the USPS so we can design postcards using virtually ever square inch of the postcard.

On the back side of the postcard we had ample space to expound and imaginatively promote more offers.

  • We wrote copy that explained the product, and the $50 savings of Professional Heating & Cooling’s promotional Safety & Efficiency Agreement.
  • To further promote the credibility of the $50 tune-up credit, we added the local electric company’s logo.
  • We were able to feature client testimonials to endorse the quality service that Professional Heating & Cooling delivers.
  • There was still plenty of space to add four more incentivizing “keeper coupons”, valued at over $800, with no expiration dates.

After a few tweaks and edits, Rachel happily approved her postcard for mailing, and in a few days they were in the mail and delivered. Stay tuned for reports of the success of the campaign! We’ll send along updates “relatively” soon. Get it? The Theory of Relativity? Is this thing on?

If you, too, would like to take advantage of the big-impact, low-cost benefits of EDDM postcards, give us a call. We’ll be only too happy to share our expertise with you.

Please see the following page to glimpse Professional Heating & Cooling’s new direct mail postcard. Please remember that these postcards measure 12” wide x 9” high and are so ample in real life we were forced to shrink them 64% for this report.