Michelle and Gabe Wade, owners of Triple Service came to us with a problem. They decided toplace an ad in a local publication for the summer. And, as part of the ad placement, the publisher would design it at no cost. But when the proof of the new ad came to them for their approval, they felt it did not represent their company very well.

Gabe actually commented: “I think it’s so bad it’s funny”

The reality is that this free ad design would actually cost Michelle and Gabe in lost sales as the ad would not perform as intended.

Some of the design problems were:

  • The ad did not have a theme
  • The coupons were on the left and should be on the right
  • The phone number was hard to find
  • Their website was hard to read
  • The van was too large
  • There was a white border that wasted space

So Michelle and Gabe turned to PrintFast to redesign their ad. And they needed the ad to be completed and delivered in 72 hours to meet the publication’s deadline.

“No problem, we replied”

In just a day, proofs of a new and greatly improved ad were approved and the final artwork was delivered to the publisher, well ahead of the deadline!

Some of the improvements were:

  • The ad now has a theme
  • The phone number and website are larger and centered on the ad
  • The title of the ad was on the left with coupons on the right
  • And many more tweaks to make the ad perfect

The old cliche that “you get what you pay for” is very true.

If you, too, would like to improve your display advertising give us a call. We’ll be only too happy to share our design expertise with you.