Bill Wilson, the owner of A&H Flooring, contacted us to design a new door hanger marketingcampaign for his company. As we do with every new client, we called Bill with some questions to fully understanding his marketing objectives, allowing us to create a strategy that would get him the greatest ROI (Return On Investment), while respecting his budget.

Our first question was about how these door hangers would get distributed. For example, would a Service Expert deliver them to the 20 homes nearest to the completion of a flooring installation? Or would this be delegated to a few part-time employees, encompassing a larger area? Door hangers can be an attractive, low-cost method to
getting a message out to homeowners, but they have some very real limitations.

These Limitations are:

  • Door hangers are small and can’t easily contain multiple offers and coupons.
  • They can be very slow to distribute, with someone needing to walk door to door, and
    for this reason, dated coupon offers can’t be used reliably.
  • Some communities have restrictions that don’t allow door to door solicitations.
  • Since door hangers are physically attached to a front door they may blow away or
    get ruined in the rain.
  • Many homeowners don’t like the idea of someone on their property, touching their
    front door while they’re not home.

Bill listened to these considerations and asked us about more effective options. We asked Bill if he’d consider sending a direct mail postcard instead. While on the surface, postcards seem to cost more, we could still stay within his $500 budget, and the benefits would far outweigh the seeming additional cost.

There are many significant benefits to direct mail postcards.

The benefits are:

  • Postcards are larger, with more space to present timely offers and colorful visuals.
  • They arrive at the home in a place where they’re expected (in the mailbox.)
  • They actually cost less, all things considered, and can be distributed much quicker
    than door hangers.

Bill agreed that postcards had an advantage over door hangers. He wanted us to move to the next step and develop a proof of what his new postcard might look like.

Before we could begin the postcard design process however (which is always the most creative and fun part of the process), we needed to discuss Bill’s budget. We knew postcards would cost a bit more than door hangers, but he wanted to get the most ROI for his $500, and still wanted to mail postcards to 1,000 homes.

Working within Bill’s budget meant that we needed to use the US Postage Service’s Every Door Direct Mail Product (EDDM) service. The product offers much lower postage rates compared to traditional marketing mail. However, the lower postage rates had one major restriction with which we needed to comply. As the “Every Door” name implies, this postcard is delivered to every door in a carrier route, within a zip code area. The USPS does allow us to exclude business from any EDDM mailing, which is great, but we couldn’t exclude apartment buildings, which wouldn’t be the best use of Bill’s marketing efforts. Fortunately for Bill, after doing some homeowner records research, we learned that his target market had only single family homes. Great!

We were then able to move ahead and design the postcard within the size specifications of EDDM. Soon Bill had his postcard proof, and after a few revisions, he signed off and approved his postcard for printing and mailing. We chose an oversized postcard which measured 12” wide x 9” high. This format gave us the largest amount of space with which to present his four major product lines of hardwood, carpet, vinyl plank and floor refinishing…all with large color photos and coupons. The postcards looked fabulous.

The results are in…

Bill’s postcards were delivered to the 1,000 homes in his community, on time and on budget.

For his $500 expense neither he, nor his employees had to walk door to door distributing door hangers. And, to date, he has booked over $11,000 in sales (so far). That’s a 2100% ROI.

With our passion and experience, and the budget-maximizing EDDM product from the USPS, we were able to collaborate and create a smooth, successful marketing strategy for Bill and A&H Flooring. And, doorknobs everywhere were grateful.

Please see the following to see A&H Flooring’s new direct mail postcard.