To say that there’s a proliferation of digital marketing channels is about as obvious as predicting that a 12-year old’s face will be buried in their smartphone. It’s just the way it is. To walk through the maelstrom of pop-up ads, and recommendations “just for you”, emails, and gate-keeping click-bait, can be quite an overwhelming experience. Since we’re plugged in so frequently to this online reality, our second home, what place does Direct Mail hold? When our tactile sense is so often relegated to a keyboard or touchscreen, do we still find pleasure in something we can hold in our hands, and view without battery power?

If you’re new to our articles, you may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Direct Mail marketing is experiencing a resurgence in popularity that deserves your attention, too. If you’re marketing a product or service, take Google’s lead (who use Direct Mail to promote Adware.) In this multi-channel marketing moment, it’s been found that the most successful marketing campaigns blend Digital and Direct Mail marketing.     

It’s difficult to think of a product or service that couldn’t be promoted through strategic Direct Mail marketing (not that we recommend spending time finding that needle in the haystack), but many businesses and brands have made the choice to forsake Direct Mail for digital marketing, alone. That’s great for you. A channel that was once somewhat over-populated, is now more like a bare stage, just waiting to put your message in the spotlight. 

But, don’t take our word for it. Your target audience agrees. 

When executed strategically, a well-crafted piece of Direct Mail, coupled with other powerful, digital tools (see: some of our past blog articles) your customers will not only take notice, but will even look forward to an encore. Much like a great performance, connecting with your audience in a way that feels personal is very important. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, 70% of Americans feel Direct Mail is more personal than the Internet, and 56% said they actually derived pleasure from receiving a well-targeted piece of Direct Mail. Dopamine, delivered!

This “feel-good” factor is an effective pre-cursor to sales. 39% of customers reported that a piece of Direct Mail inspired them to try a business for the first time. According to a USPS study, over 60% of new prospects were influenced to visit a business’ Direct Mail-promoted website, and 23% of new prospects visited the business’ physical location, because of a piece of Direct Mail.

But, in order for a customer to respond to a piece of marketing, they first have to see it. Direct Mail is delivering a compelling performance in this area, too. We all know how easily an email is ignored. But 70-80% of consumers told the DMA that they open all of their physical mail, even that which they might label “junk.” We also all know where our digital junk mail winds up, and it’s not in front of our prospects. But, about 60% of online shoppers, who might normally filter or delete their “junk” reported “enjoying” receiving catalogues and targeted Direct Mail. Out of these statistics comes the one most important to your bottom line: Direct Mail recipients purchased 28% more items and spent 28% more than non-Direct Mail recipients, according to a USPS study.

As for those kids, and their adult predecessors, the Millennials? Turns out they do look up from their devices sometimes. 92% (you read that correctly) of young shoppers say they prefer Direct Mail for making purchasing decisions.

So, spend some time with the modern tools available and design a Direct Mail campaign that combines the new with the tried-and-true. Then, get ready for a standing ovation. And, maybe even a movie, “based on a true story.”