It’s easy to get sidetracked on social media. Sometimes it feels designed to do just that. You go to Facebook to respond to a comment, and suddenly hours have passed and you’re looking at vacation photos of someone you don’t even know. We do know, without distraction, that the focus of your business investment in Facebook is to make sales. But, no longer is the line between A and B a straight one. Buyers know when they’re being marketed to, the number of businesses selling on Facebook has increased, and the marketplace can feel like an over-saturated bazaar. It’s no wonder we wind up vicariously sipping Mai Tai’s with the what’s-their-names. Here’s how to create a Facebook Business Page that will encourage your customers to wander to your stall, browse there, and make a purchase.

Check Out Facebook Business

A Facebook Business page allows you to customize in ways that a regular profile page doesn’t. You can add a custom tab for building your own online store where customers can buy directly on your platform, and you can choose to link to your own website to complete the purchase. The Facebook platform makes it easy to build, with e-commerce widgets to allow customizations to suit your business. For instance, there’s a “Message To Buy” feature that lets you know if a customer is inquiring about a product purchase. You can set up an automatic SSL certificate, to secure your transactions, at no extra cost. You can customize color, layout and logo options to reflect your brand, and include product images. Ask a few customers to be your focus group to give you feedback about the ease of the site before you go live. 

Stay Active

There are lots of ways you can work to increase your visibility in the newsfeed.

Consider changing your timeline pic every so often to keep things fresh and encourage ongoing awareness of your page. You can publish status updates, with an embedded product link, inviting people to check out your store. Make sure to give people the ability to share. You never know when a referral may present itself.  

Make It Easy

Make conversions easier by including a deep link that leads customers to a specific product rather than to a more general home or category page. Then, make it super simple for them to add the product to their cart.

Study Up

Facebook has great recommendations in the Business Ad Guide for when and how to post your ad for maximum effectiveness. A lot has to do with the format of your post. For instance, the aspect ratio causes your post to take up more space on the feed, while the organic reach of your post is affected by keeping the text no more than 20% of the image.  Such tactics are useful to see your best ROI. The Business Ad Guide is an excellent resource.


Another way to boost your effectiveness on Facebook is to upload existing email lists to create ads for custom audiences. This allows you to both test out different ads, and tailor them, without cluttering your newsfeed. You can utilize a conversion pixel to track which ads are most effective. Some other target audience ideas, in addition to your email lists include: Fans, users similar to your existing customers, and users with similar likes and interests. Personalizing ads is a highly effective conversion tool. Give it a try. 

Helpful Tip: Any copy over 90 characters is truncated, so keep it short and sweet, with a bold Call To Action.

See you in the Newsfeed! After we look at this cat video real quick…