Do you think your prospects and customers look at your marketing as they do a shiny package waiting to be unwrapped on a chilly holiday morning? Likely not. So, how do you get them to care? How do you get them to unwrap what you’re selling, so to speak? You make sure that whatever is in that box feels like it’s been chosen just for them. You want them to feel like you really “get” them. Your marketing is a gift, when you think about it, because it brings people to the excellence that is your business! To give a great gift, you must know your recipient.

1. Ask Your Team

Who are your customers? What are their challenges? You may have some immediate answers to these questions, but you know who has a treasure trove? Your sales and reception team. They’re speaking to your customers every day. They’re hearing about their needs, triumphs, and frustrations. When you understand the “pain”, you can provide the solution. That’s the distillation of Sales. These employees are an untapped resource in understanding your customers. 

2. Eavesdrop 

While not as romantic as making a mental note when your partner admires something while window-shopping, you can gain a lot of insight by listening to recorded calls and demos. Hang out and listen at networking events, draw up some customer surveys, read forums, follow hashtags and look at reviews not just of your business, but those of your competitors. You’ll get what’s going on out there, and the special things your audience longs for. Then, you can get to work bringing them those things via your marketing.

3. Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Now that you know what they want, it’s time to deliver by changing the “what” do they want to “how” do they want it. Besides working your findings into all of your marketing (website, direct mail, videos, e-books, social media, emails, and blogs…) leading with your value prop, and addressing your customer’s needs, make sure you’re considering your customer’s experience. Is your content attractively laid out and easy to read? Are there elements of interaction? Is it consistent with your brand? Is it easy to navigate? Have you prioritized your customer’s ability to find the solutions they’re looking for? 

Intuitive marketing that puts the customer first creates a sense of competency that inspires trust in your business.

4. Double Down On Personalization

Here’s where your customer hopefully looks off in the distance wistfully, thinking “How did they know?” If your prospect can see themselves reflected in your marketing content, you have yourself a loyal fan. Tag your content by industry and persona, and group them together to tailor a few different outreach campaigns. Even your call to action should feel special. Follow each campaign with emails and outreach that feels nurturing and knowing, doing your best to appeal to their interests and experiences.

Hopefully these subtle shifts will show you care, and carry as much value as a husband noticing his partner’s new haircut. It’s that old two-way street that feels so good. Your customer will show more interest in your content because they’ll feel your interest in them. The spirits of giving and receiving will be as one, and everyone can get to unwrapping that big box!