Most annual celebrations come with their own expectations and demands. Birthdays have cake, the “Holidays” have rabid consumerism, but Thanksgiving- Ah, Thanksgiving! It’s an unassuming holiday filled with family, food and gratitude that asks nothing in return. 

In that spirit, there’s no better time than Thanksgiving to send a card thanking your customers for their business throughout the year. Your mailing will stand out from the rest, arriving before the jingle jangle, and will have the opportunity to glow with heartfelt sincerity. 

Surrounded by family, autumnal tones, and pumpkin-spice-everything, your customers will likely feel receptive and open. Filled with nostalgia, football and triptophan, without the pressure of gift-giving and expectation, the spirit of gratitude has a place to shine. 

Consider creating a short, but warm card, stating your heartfelt thanks. Something like: 

Dear [customer name],

In the sprit of Thanksgiving, we would like to thank you for your business. We appreciate the opportunity to serve your [xyz] needs, and value the trust you place in us. Here’s wishing you and your family a cornucopia of warmth, happiness and abundance this Thanksgiving!

With The Gratitude of the Season,

The [xyz] team!

Now, while we’re all for altruism, don’t forget to showcase your logo! It’s the visual way your customers have come to know you. And you deserve to be proud of it. 

Chances are, your card will make it to the seasonal mantle of the many cards to come. The familiarity of your business will begin to feel more like family. And, family is a concept that sticks all year ‘round.

Give us a call, or send us an email, and let’s design a card as fabulous as grandma’s pecan pie.