Everyday you go to work expecting that homeowners will just find your company amongst all your competition and offer to give you their money in exchange for your services. And to this, I say, “are you crazy?” It doesn’t work that way and you know it. So what are you doing to make a change in the way that customers find your company and want to give you their money? We’ll it’s all in your marketing plan and your ability to ask for work.

First, you must build your marketing engine…and here’s how you start. If you think about your company as having three separate business units, almost as three individual companies. With each unit responsible for their operations and generating a profit, then you can better control your company and costs. Here are the three units that every company should have:

1. The BEFORE unit – the unit of your business in charge of finding, identifying, educating and motivating people to come into your business for the first time, that’s really what your Before Unit is about.

2. The DURING unit – the unit of your business that delivers the experience that people have when they’re doing business with you, starting from – if you have a retail store – the moment they walk into your store, until the moment they walk out of your store. That would be your During Unit experience.

3. The AFTER unit – is all about nurturing and building a lifetime relationship with all of the homeowners who already know you, like you, and trust you, so that they do business with you again, and so that you can orchestrate referrals.

By the way, I cannot take credit for the Before, During and After unit strategy. I am a big follower of Dean Jackson, a well-known business building guru that speaks internationally and has even spoken at CEO Warrior events. All credit goes to Dean…he’s brilliant!

Once you have your Before Unit established, you can focus on presenting the benefits and values of your company in a less pushy, more informative format. And direct mail By Bill McGowan, President/CEO of PrintFast The Lead Generator How Do You Find Solid Leads For Your Company? is the ideal way to gently present your company to prospects. The goal here is to build trust and confidence in your brand in the eyes of the homeowners. Think of it this way…if you walked into a singles bar and went up to someone you’d like to meet your first words wouldn’t be “let’s go out for a date”. And the same holds true for finding new clients with your marketing materials. Don’t let your postcards be in the homeowner’s face with big starbursts with special prices for your newest HVAC equipment that just asks them to buy right away. Yes, it’s a fine line to walk in the design of your marketing materials. Instead, you can offer a little education about your services with a few coupons, similar to “can I buy you a drink?” The best coupon would be $50 off any service that you offer, or perhaps, a free water test to protect their family. Put on your smile and make honest offers to the homeowners.

As you move forward with your marketing efforts, remember that patience and repetition is the name of the game. And then after a courtship of using direct mail for several months you can ask the homeowner for that first date by using more specific, value-based coupons. In time, they will recognize your company name and they should be building trust with you. Then, it’s time to ask for that first date. Remember if you do not ask for work, you won’t get any work.