“Millennials”, before they were coined as such, were just people. Sure, maybe they watched different cartoons, and (as far as we know) didn’t have to walk a mile in the snow, uphill both ways like their hearty predecessors. But, at the end of the day, this marketing demographic who are changing the world (like many young generations before), are still just people. And people, it has been widely supported, respond to direct mail marketing. A US Presort study has revealed that not only do Millennials respond to direct mail, they actually really dig it (though they don’t say “dig it.”) It’s true, Millennials have grown up in a tech-fueled era (and have earned trophies for participation) but they just may be one of the best audiences for your direct mail campaign. And curve ball their relationship to tech is actually one of the top reasons why.

Here are a few of those reasons:

Millennials Have Actual Mailboxes

Just like other people, Millennials check their physical mail. In fact, 84% of Millennials look through their mail on a regular basis, like the responsible adults they are. And just like other demographics, according to a Canada Post study, they assimilate, remember and react better to print advertising over digital.

They’re Wise To the Scams

You remember us sharing data that people find direct mail more trustworthy than digital. Well, there’s no generation of whom that’s truer than the Millennials. Because of their familiarity with the internet, seeing ad after digital ad, they’ve experienced the scams firsthand. Lucky for you, those scams make your direct mail campaign feel all the more safe and honest. That fact is reflected in the Millennial response rate, 5.3% for direct mail, over a meager 0.9% for digital.

They’re Saturated

Because they’re surrounded by digital ads, many Millennials seek the tangible, and account for 31% of magazine readers, and 20% of newspaper readers.

Because they’re the targets of so much aggressive marketing, to cope, they ignore many of the ads with which they’re confronted. The good news? They ignore 50% of all digital ads, but ignore only 15% of direct mail ads. Feel special? You are! Just by being different.

They Love to Share

Another way that Millennials’ digital savvy works in your favor, is the way they use social media channels to share the things they love. When you reach and impress a Millennial with your great product or service, they are the first to spread the good news to their followers. Whether it’s a post, or a tag, or a review, you can be sure that your Millennial customer will know how to get you a new “like” or two.

They’re Fresh and Open

They may be wise to internet scams, but Millennials aren’t jaded. Millennials possess a youthful zest. They’re engaged in building their adult nests, “living their best lives”, and your direct mail contains honest solutions they’re looking for. If you have what they need, there’s no marketing study needed. It’s supply and demand. They can reference the hard copy of your postcard they’ve set aside, or they can check the photos on their smartphone, where there’s almost certainly a backup screenshot.

They’re Naturally Multi-Channelled (and Multi-Faceted)

Make the most of your targeted direct mail marketing by including features that appeal to Millennial sensibilities. Include interactive elements, such as QR codes and links to videos and social media. If you have any aspects of your business that are socially conscious- maybe you use sustainable materials, or donate a portion of profits to charity- include that in your marketing. Millennials are known for their commitment to the social good.

So, don’t be intimidated. Millennials aren’t as different as the hype suggests. Get hip to the Millennial direct mail market (please consult actual Millennial for current lingo), and bring your business to the next generation!