We always say it’s important to know your target market. Well, in the case the New Mover market,the best way is to imagine walking a mile in their shoes. Or, moving, many, many miles…

A 2017 Epsilon study reveals that when people move into a new neighborhood, they spend an average of $9,400 establishing their new digs. And with an average of 40 million people moving within the U.S. each year, that’s a lot of niches to be refilled.

Think about your own life. You probably have your neighborhood dentist and doctors, pool service, plumbing service, handyman, pest control, HVAC, carpet cleaner, hardware store, hair salon, nail salon, gym, dance studio, restaurants, day
care, tutor, place of worship, theater company, cafe… Well, the New Movers need to find all of those neighborhood staples all over again. What a great opportunity for your business!

But, it’s important to act fast. 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact a prospect! Here’s how to “make hay while the sun shines” and capture that New Mover market:

Step 1: Identify how your business fits into the timing of the New Mover

Almost every industry (as evidenced in the list above) is a service a New Mover will seek within the first 6 months of relocating. With the exception of car dealerships (a purchase usually made after 6 months of moving someplace new), chances are your business is on that list. And, if it is, you need to get your message to those neighborhood newbies, before your competition does!

Step 2: Invest in a targeted New Mover mailing program

Reaching a market this specific requires specific expertise. Find a program that’s turn-key and personalized, to best welcome people to the neighborhood and optimize that first point of contact. Work with marketing professionals who can help design an eye-catching postcard, and listen to details about your service area (i.e. How many miles someone is willing to travel to use your services.) They’ll compile a mailing list of people who’ve moved into that service area each month, and send a 100% automated mailing accordingly. It’s so simple, really! Make sure they’re utilizing all of the cost-saving USPS programs and other industry tricks to get you the best value.

Step 3: Send New Movers a great offer — at least three times.

Because moving is such a feat, and New Movers are getting their bearings, experts recommend mailing to New Movers monthly, for at least three months. As always, repetition is key. Here’s a glimpse into cycle:

Month 1: Mail your first “Welcome to the Neighborhood” postcard to 500 New Movers.

Month 2: Mail to that group a second time, adding a first round of “Welcome” postcards to the next 500 people who’ve just moved. (1,000 total)

Month 3: Mail to the first list a third time, the second a second time and a new list of 500 New Movers will receive the “Welcome” postcard. (1,500 total)

Month 4: Many find it effective to “touch” their prospect more than three times. After all, it’s after the fifth contact that 80% of sales are made. But, for the sake of this example, if you were to stop at three, your first list of 500 would drop off after the third postcard, your second list of 500 would receive their third postcard, your third list their second postcard, and a new list of 500 would get their special “Welcome.” (1,500 total)

Keep Walking in their Shoes:

When creating your offers, think about what would entice you to choose your service if you were them? It might be worth it to provide your service at a very low introductory cost, in order to profit from their customer loyalty down the line. How can you throw in a little something extra, and set your service apart from the competition?

It’s a Marketing Love Story:

Strive to make every new customer feel like “the one” and they will always remember that your business helped them feel at home, again.