Marketing letter mailings are always used for longer and more detailed presentations. Understanding that long form letters can be the best marketing tool for your message, it’s important to write the copy in such a compelling way that you do not lose the reader. That’s when our copywriters work their magic. They will take your offer and create a value added presentation that will keep the homeowner engaged to the end. Referral letters (with enclosed gift cards) are a great way to build sales by empowering your current clients to sell for you as they spread the word about your company with family, friends and co- workers.

Here are some best uses for letter mailings:

  • Multiple page letters allow you the space to clearly present your message or offer.
  • Letter mailings may include items like magnets, gift cards, etc.
  • You can mail a flyer with monthly specials or product alerts.
  • If you will be an exhibitor at a local home show, mail your Home Show Specials flyer with a note that says… “In case you cannot attend the show, we didn’t want you to miss out on the savings”.
  • Referral letters are a great way to bring in new clients by empowering your current clients to spread the word.

Letters can also deliver confidential information like “Here’s a special offer only for your family”. In short, we can design any mailing, to fit any task, to deliver your message.