VDM is the ultimate in personalized direct mail marketing. Just as the name implies, with each newsletter that we print and mail to your clients and prospects, the data is variable and will change from sheet to sheet. I know this sounds impossible…but here’s how it works.

There are a variety of methods and strategies that go into planning a postcard campaign. PrintFast will map out a plan of action, while working with you in effort to plan the perfect campaign. Sending postcard that are in line with a digital ad blast provides greater results.

How do I setup a spreadsheet for VDM?

Using VDM is just like using a spreadsheet. Each homeowner will have their unique information in data fields such as:

  • Member of a service plan (yes or no)
  • Last service visit
  • Age of HVAC equipment
  • Age of water heater
  • Fuel oil. natural gas, or propane system
  • Pets present in the home
  • Children present in the home
  • Any custom fields that you would like

Of course, all of this data will have to come from you. But we’ll make it easy to collect and input the information into your newsletter.

Already have a spreadsheet?

When it comes time to print your newsletter our digital press prints each sheet based on the data that is contained in each record of the spreadsheet. It also addresses and bar codes the newsletter for mailing all at the same time.

But here’s where VDM really gets interesting. Here are some examples.

  1.  Let’s say you have a client that has joined your membership plan. Then we’ll be sure that the coupons that will be printed in his/her newsletter will be the membership valued coupons with the bigger savings. Clients that are not members in your plan, their newsletter will show the less generous, lower value coupons normally offered to non-members and the general public.
  2.  How about a homeowner that has just had their bathroom renovated? We’ll be sure that their newsletter does not contain articles or coupons for bath renovations. But instead has an article and coupon for a different product or service that you would like to promote
  3.  Or perhaps a homeowner that has just purchased a new HVAC, but not a maintenance plan. Their coupons will include one for a maintenance plan promotion.

The options are endless! I know that all of this sounds amazing or maybe even impossible. But we want to offer your our new VDM products so that you may speak directly to your clients and prospects. Call us today and we’ll be happy to explain the benefits of VDM and speaking to your clients personally.

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