New Homeowners

Our New Homeowner, Rapid-Response, Direct Mail Program

What makes new homeowners ideal potential customers is that they tend to be stable, they have better than average income, they are creditworthy,
and they are ready and eager to buy your products and services! Studies have shown that the best time to reach out to these potential customers is
immediately after they buy their homes. When new homeowners buy a new home, and the two years following that event, they tend to spend an average of 10 times more money than an established homeowner. This is what makes Direct Marketing to them with our New Homeowner Direct Mail program such an effective technique.

Here’s How Our New Homeowner, Direct Mail Program Works:

  1. Provide us with a list of zips for your target service area.
  2. Each Monday we will purchase the new homeowner data (for the previous week) from our data vendors and will custom print your postcards with the offers and promotions that you would like us to deliver to the new homeowners. Your postcards will not be printed in advance so you may change your coupon offers each week based on the seasons, specials, etc. as needed.
  3. On Tuesday, your postcards will be delivered to the Post Office. The first postcard that we will send to the new homeowner will be sent using First Class postage so it will be delivered to their door in just a few days. The goal is to be the first home service contractor to meet the homeowner.
  4. We will then mail the new homeowner an additional postcard at the 30 and 60 day interval with the following, sequential messaging:
    • Postcard #1: Welcome to your new home!
    • Postcard #2: Are you getting settled in?
    • Postcard #3: Time to enjoy your new home!
  5. After the third postcard is mailed at the 90 day interval, they will be placed on a maintenance mailing program. These client retention programs are separate direct mail products that we offer that are based on monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly mailings of postcards and newsletters.

Here’s a sample, three postcard series that can be mailed to your new homeowners. This is our family series which shows the move-in process for a young family. We have other, three postcard series for other age groups and even a series without people…just photos of homes and moving boxes. It’s your choice. The back side of each postcard will have information about your company along with money-saving coupons that you may change each week. Or you may want to mention special events in your town.

Postcard #1

Theme: Welcome to your new home!

Production Time: Printed and mailed within 48 hours of receipt of new homeowner data from tax assessors office with First Class Postage so it arrives super fast.

Postcard #2

Theme: Are you getting settled in?

Production Time: Printed and mailed to arrive 30 days after postcard #1

Postcard #3

Theme: Time to enjoy your new home!

Production Time: Printed and mailed to arrive 30 days after postcard #2

COST – Our new homeowner, rapid-response, direct mail program is a month-to-month, subscription-based service. The cost is $19.95 per month which covers the purchase of the four, weekly new homeowner lists and of the all the programming necessary for the variable data marketing that is used to personalize each postcard during the 90 day mailing program. Then, the cost is .99 each postcard mailed which is for printing, addressing and postage. Call us to begin your mailings today!