What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail is a product offered by the US Postal Service, and it’s a resourceful way to get your marketing message delivered to a sizable target audience at the minimum cost per piece, for maximum impact. It’s a designer product at bargain prices.

Every Door Direct Mail is an effective tool for delivering your direct mail postcard to every address in a mail carrier’s route. Carrier routes are smaller sections of zip codes, where a letter carrier walks or drives their daily route. With EDDM, your postcards don’t need to be addressed. Instead, we print “Postal Customer Local” on each piece, and since the letter carrier doesn’t need to match a name to a mailbox, the mail delivery process becomes very efficient. In turn, the USPS passes along these savings to you, as lower postage rates.

Because the addressees all go by the name of “Postal Customer Local”, there are no lists of homeowner addresses to purchase, and therefore no cost from us to address each piece. We take care of the sorting and bundling that is required in order to prepare your EDDM mailing to meet the USPS specifications. All of it means even more savings for you.

Size does matter. And we’re gonna go big.

The USPS EDDM program allows us to use a gigantic postcard size of 12” wide x 9” high, still at the lowest postage rates. We’ve learned that when you want to make a big impression in a homeowner’s mailbox, a 9” x 12” postcard really grabs them. It’s like mailing a billboard to each homeowner, for half the postage. A postcard of that magnitude means you can deliver tons of content, coupons and value to each homeowner.

Call us with any questions that you may have and we’ll guide you through the process.