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Joe Girard become the top salesman in the world. Girard’s awards include The Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement, and he has been nominated for the Horatio Alger Award by the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the late Lowell Thomas. In 2001, he was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Joe was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the seller of the most cars in a year (1,425 in 1973)


It’s like a marriage. You need to like each other. And if you treat people right, you will love them. I told my customers that I liked them, that I loved them, all the time. I would send a card every month with a different picture, a different greeting, and the card would say, “I like you.” I would close a sale, and I would say to my customer, “I love you.” I even gave them buttons that said “I like you.” People may have had to wait for an appointment, but when I was with them, I was with them body and soul.

Joe Girard – quote via Harvard Business Review

The sale doesn’t end when the job is complete.
We offer a variety of “THANK YOU” programs to suit your businesses needs.

Why not elevate your business to a higher level of exceptional customer service by sending a “Thank You” card to your client immediately after the sale?
Successful businesses are building solid customer loyalty programs that lead to repeat business simply by saying thank you.

“It’s the only card that’s on my refrigerator.”

Thank You cards are a delightfully easy way to energize your customers and grow your business.

People don’t often expect a thank you on the heels of a sale. To receive a thank you card from a company in my mailbox has become unique. Receiving a polite “Thank You” in the mailbox is a welcome abnormality — It’s an important message of appreciation, especially when what they’re typically expecting is a bunch of bills.

Thank you cards are more than simply a way to say thank you, they foster relationships with customers, and a reminded for when your services are needed. Thank you cards drive sales.


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