Selling Membership Plans is a key part of your business. And we support you with a variety of custom-produced membership welcome mailings. Each component of your mailing will have your company colors, branding and wording. We do not force you to use templates or stock images.

These are just two of our most popular membership programs. We can of course create anything that would best serve your company. Just give a call and we’ll be happy to work with you.


Basic Membership Package

Our basic membership package delivers a 5” x 7” greeting card mailed out in a white envelope with your company logo. It may even contain a tag line on the front such as “Welcome aboard” or other statement of your choice. The front of the greeting card will have any logo or wording that you would like. On the inside front panel will be your welcome message. Perhaps a brief letter from the owner of the business that will bring a level of recognition. On the inside, right hand panel, a custom printed, plastic membership card (similar to a credit card) will be affixed. The membership card can be any design that you would like and it may contain member name, number or special phone numbers.

Membership Experience Packet

Our membership experience packet really delivers the power of your brand to the homeowner. This packet begins with a 6” x 9” white envelope with your company logo along with a tag line on the front such as “Welcome aboard” or other statement of your choice. Inside, is a four page pocket folder that contains many different items. And the list of items is up to you. But most often, in the left hand side pocket is welcome letter from the owner of the company along with a fully-branded magnet. In the right hand pocket is a coupon sheet or book along with a customer review card. Then, inside the business cards slits on the right hand pocket we insert the homeowners name and information on their plastic membership card.