In the spirit of those “stranded on a desert island” questions, if you could choose one marketing strategy to grow your HVAC business and keep it going strong, which marketing strategy would that be? We know our answer. Direct Mail.

Of course it’s important to diversify with many marketing strategies, but when it comes to return on investment, Direct Mail is the Swiss Army Knife of strategies, particularly for the HVAC Industry. Here’s a quick look at 3 of the reasons why:

1. Direct Mail really allows you to target your prospects.
When you cast a wide net, you’re gonna pull in some fish, sure, but chances are you’re gonna have some seaweed and tin cans stuck in there, too. Direct Mail allows you to assess what your best clients have in common (area, homeownership, marital status, income) and target those with similar stats. You can then tailor the mailing and the message to further lure those particular prospects.

2. Direct mail is cost-effective.
Cost-effective doesn’t necessarily mean cheapest. Much like the difference between buying a cheap umbrella that falls apart in the first gust of wind, vs. investing in one that’s been tested in a jet stream, a cost-effective marketing strategy is one that produces more revenue per dollar spent. Direct Mail has your back on this one. With Direct Mail, each dollar you spend produces more dollars in new leads and new clients. Because you’re targeting your prospects and tailoring the message, your marketing reaches more prospects, more meaningfully. Furthermore, when you’re consistent with your mailings over time, your results will get even better. Brand recognition brings credibility, and when prospects need an HVAC specialist, they’ll likely call you. Just One Marketing Strategy? Make it Direct Mail Marketing Insight By Bill McGowan, President/CEO of PrintFast

3. Direct mail is classic, and even comforting.
If you read our article about “trustworthiness” in advertising (or if you haven’t been living under a rock without Wi-Fi) you’ll see that today’s consumer is inundated with ads in the digital space. So much so, that most ads online go unseen or ignored. Conversely, according to a recent International Communications Research survey, 73% of consumers prefer receiving Direct Mail (aka “snail” mail) over being bombarded with ads online. In the Direct Mail medium, the prospect can choose when to look at the ad. That slice of empowerment goes a long way in this oversaturated advertising environment. Additionally, a physical postcard can be saved easily until needed, whereas a digital or tv ad requires the added step of writing down or remembering contact information, which is often inconvenient and unrealistic. Even when it’s a phone number comprised of all 5’s.

So, that’s a glimpse of our desert island marketing wishlist. We’re keeping the reasons to 3 this time (we don’t want you getting overwhelmed and having conversations with a volleyball), but you can be sure we’ll be back espousing other virtues of Direct Mail soon. Great targeted postcards are the groundwork for a world of marketing success, from referral programs to payper-click ads. In the meantime, targeted Direct Mail postcards will bring those qualified prospects to your business, which is even better than a machete and a coconut.