Natural instincts are powerful, and there’s no place they’re more observable than in children.  Think of
a kid, spying that balloon/cotton candy/toy and refusing to rest until it’s theirs. Whether their tactic
is to exhaust their mom through incessant pleading (or until she says, “ask your father”), or to place
sticky notes all over the house with the exact details of the toy in question, they’re instinctively using the
most effective marketing tool: Repetition.

Thankfully, as we mature, we mellow out a bit, but the same “squeaky wheel gets the oil”, and “out of
sight, out of mind” adages apply to marketing. It’s no accident that you see the same commercials over and over again, or the same donation requests from charities every quarter. You may not be craving that taco the first time you see it, but maybe by the third or fourth time you begin to think, “Maybe I’ll have that for lunch tomorrow.” You might think, “I don’t have the money for the Veterans today, but when I do, I’m going to donate.” And eventually, because it’s something you want, or believe in, you do.

With marketing, you must keep at it to see results. And it could be argued, you’re doing your customers a favor. If they need what you have, if they have a problem for which you can offer a solution, you’d be remiss to vanish before your marketing has the opportunity to make an impact. Much like the multitasking mom, your customers aren’t necessarily going to hear you the first time, or even the second. To get what you want, and get your  customers the messaging they need to utilize your product or service, you must return to your
natural instincts, and utilize repetition.

Here’s an example, the timing of which reminds us a little bit of a fireworks display. With every huge mailing you do, a small percentage of the recipients holds on to your postcard, and of those, some call the first week, some the
second, on and on, until with time, the luster from that mailing begins to dull. The colors recede and the sky clears. The genius of repetition dictates that just before that happens, another mailing goes out, lighting up the sky with your message once again. Eventually, a culmination results, with customers who’ve been touched at staggered increments, making their decisions to act. We can help you divide your prospect list into groups to create a consistent harvest, and keep the colors of your message bursting.

At PrintFast, we know all of this from experience and countless case studies,
but the research is well-documented. And it’s why we bring it to you. The best
way to create quantifiable, prosperous results is with repeated, regular
mailings. With this kind of consistency, you’ll see that growth/balloon/cotton
candy you’ve been eyeing since day one. We look forward to being your
“sticky notes”!