Lights, Camera, Action! We live in a multi-channel mixed-media world. We absorb content through more mediums than ever before. Treat yourself and your customers to a little dose of video “info-tainment” and watch your star rise. Your business is ready for its close-up!

It’s not all popcorn and Raisinets®. The box office numbers speak for themselves. According to GenVideo, 79% of consumers say they’d be willing to spend more money on a product after watching a social media video about it. While an “influencer” is always helpful getting those views, those influencers were once just like you and me. The difference is, they started making videos. And so can you. You put the “You” in “YouTube”, after all.

Let’s pitch some ideas, shall we?

1. Let Your Customer Be The Talent

According to Lithium, 89% of consumers feel customer testimonials are the most effective type of content when making purchasing decisions. Maybe they see themselves in those customers, or maybe they hope to give their own testimonial someday (we all want to be stars on some level, right?) In any case, the confidence built from seeing actual happy customers is worth its weight in movie magic. Produce and share customer-testimonial videos often. 

2. Make Your Product The Co-Star

Another effective way to garner yourself a subscriber base is to make videos that show your product in action. You can feature your customers using the product, and enjoying the service, and at the same time help prospective customers feel inspired and comfortable giving your business a try. It builds trust and familiarity to be able to showcase how your product or service functions and enhances lives. Get really “auteur” and focus on a few customer “stories” and the way different customers have utilized your business in individual ways. It doesn’t have to be fancy, we know you’re not George Lucas (unless you’re reading this, George, in which case, thank you for “Star Wars”), just focus your camera on telling the customer’s story. 

3. Get All Educational

Take a journey into the genre of the Vlog. No, that’s not the title of a Swedish art film. It’s an artsy way to say that whatever blog articles or additional educational content you might provide your customers in print, can be adapted into a film. And because they’re subjects related to the world of your product or service, they support your relationship building and sales. Keep your customer engaged, educated and entertained. And they’ll be continuously aware of your business. Potential subjects could include extended education relevant to your industry, tutorials, or highlights about a specific product. Such diversity and value of content will also help inspire subscribers. And encourage them to become customers.

4. Remember The Basics of Structure

Do some screen tests. Find a location with great natural lighting (or buy a basic light or two), make sure your subjects can be heard (in a quiet location, or invest in an inexpensive body or “boom” mic) and learn your way around iMovie (or hire a millennial who’ll be able to do in a couple of hours what would have taken months just 20 years ago.)  

Whatever content you choose to feature, it helps to keep some tried and true basics in mind. Remember to keep your brand identity in focus. Begin and end with a consistent lead-in/tag. Consider a graphic that’s used at the beginning of each video so your viewer identifies it immediately. There’s a comfort and trust built through this consistency. Additionally, don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end of each video, and an easy link to your landing page. Remind the viewer to hit “subscribe”, and the little bell shaped icon, to get alerts about new videos. Make it easy for the viewer to become a fan of your business. 

See you at the movies!