We’re all about honesty, but in the spirit of that game played at parties and company retreats, let’s get started!

True or False?:

  1. Lead Generation is NOT the most important part of marketing.
    You got us. We thought we’d get the lie out of the way first, as it will help elucidate every truth which follows. Of course there are many steps along the way to a successful marketing campaign. But, without leads, the mere idea of a sale comes to a halt. You need a lead in order to follow up, deliver exemplary service, ask for a referral, frame a dollar bill… Without leads, you have no business. The good news is that by facing that truth, you can get focused on getting the best leads possible, and grow your business to new heights.
  2. Qualified Leads Are the Best Leads.
    True dat. It’s best to have your ideal prospect in mind when devising your marketing strategy. Say, for instance you have a landscaping business and you have two leads. One of them is a homeowner who lives on an acre, and the other rents in a high-rise in the middle of the concrete jungle. Which lead is more likely to become a customer? Acre McAcreson. Targeting your marketing campaign, from the design of your postcard to your mailing list, is the best way to save dollars, and make dollars.
  3. Investing Pays.
    They say there’s no free lunch, but there are meals so good they’re worth every penny. It may feel like a big investment to implement a solid marketing plan, but the returns should far exceed the investment. It takes money to make money, they say (they say a lot, don’t they?) Frugality is only effective if the result is unaffected. Consider optimizing your efforts by hiring experts to help develop your strategy. Your visibility in the marketplace is your calling card, and your reputation is paramount. Give yourself the gift of quality, and you’ll receive quality leads in return.
  4. Repetition = Recognition.
    Have you heard of the Law of 7 when it comes to marketing? Research has revealed that it takes 7 touches to leave a meaningful impression on a prospect, particularly if they’re not in immediate need of what you’re offering. Not only that, when a prospect receives a company’s mailing, each month for a year, it sends the impression that the company is stable and credible. If and when that prospect is ready for your service, they’ll likely think of you first. That simple advantage of recognition through repetition puts you ahead of your competitors.
  5. Address the “Who Cares”.
    When you’re designing your mailing, remember that you understand the benefits of your service far more than your prospect initially does. Focus on the benefits of what you’re offering, and how it will provide a solution for your customer. For example, if you own a Car Wash, you might feel inclined to mention that your business features a “Foam Curtain Arch.” Most readers might think to themselves, “What’s that?”, and possibly even, “Who cares?” But, when you state its benefits: that it creates a thick, rich, soapy foam, cleaning your car more gently and thoroughly than other systems, now the prospect is invested, imagining the benefits it will have to their car. Identify the “pain” or “need” of your prospective client, and then think of the ways your service or product is a solution.

There you have it. The truth has been spoken. You are now free to generate great leads.