Welcome Aboard! We are thrilled to have you as a client. As we begin to build your marketing materials we will need some information from you. Please scroll down and fill out the form below. Be be sure to click off on each service that you would like included in your marketing material.

Please carefully fill out the form below so that we may build your campaign accurately. 

PrintFast provides three convenient options
for designing your perfect campaign.

PrintFast offers competitive hourly rates for creative design services. Small projects and fast edits may be easily produced with an hourly plan. We will work quickly and efficiently on your project and will only invoice you for the time that we have invested. If at the end of your project, we’ve determined that a fixed rate plan for creative design services would save you money…no worries. We’ll switch you to the plan that saves you the most in time and money.

PrintFast’s fixed rate plan for creative design puts you in control of your project spending with a competitive pricing solution. You’ll always know up-front what the cost of each design project will be. Once your project is underway, we will make as many updates as requested within the agreed terms of the plan. And just with our hourly rate plan, if we see that one of our other creative design plans will save you money, we’ll happy to use that plan instead.

Unlimited designs, just $399

Unlimited graphic design service includes unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. We won’t lock you in to a “per-task” schedule. Our cloud based proofing system provides a rich selection of interactive tools that allow you to markup as many changes as you would like.

Make as any change requests as you would like, and we’ll work through them as quickly as possible. Most change requests are completed within 1 business day. Once you submit your requests, your dedicated project manager will review them to ensure we have all the details and assets required to mock up your proof. On average you’ll receive updates, changes and designs to review within one business day.


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Source files should be vector files, and in the highest resolution available. PDF or EPS files recommended and preferred. If you have access to AI or PSD files, please email those files to orders@print-fast.com
Drivers side, profile preferred. Please see our truck photos page for more information.


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