Here’s a tiny little To-Do List to ring in 2019. Yes, we know. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But, if planning ahead is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, why not start now? You can make great strides in Q1 by making a couple of preparations in your Content Strategy, particularly when it comes to connecting your customers. 

“Should old acquaintance be forgot?” Not when it comes to your customers. Today, more than ever, a strong relationship with your customers is crucial to the success and longevity of your business. A study conducted by Gartner found that close rates were improved by 30% just by adding the element of personalization.

Sales Content Personalization is a great place to start to set yourself up for success in 2019. When your customers receive customized sales content it sets the stage for sales and loyalty to your company. Meet with your team now, in Q4, to analyze your current sales experience. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and brainstorm ways to make the sales experience even more intuitive to your customers’ needs. How can you make better, genuine connections with your buyers? How can you make it easier, faster, more fun? What best practices can you put in place at the end of the sales experience to make a lasting impression? Is it a thank you note? A “satisfied customer” photo posted to social media? A coupon for a different product or service? Consider investing in a tech solution, if you haven’t already, to keep track of customer interactions and give your sales team the best advantage to prioritize personalization. 

Once you have your goals and a CRM in place, free up your workforce by utilizing Sales Content Automation. Think of it like a crock pot that you set and forget. By utilizing an automated solution, your sales team can focus on selling (rather than marketing.) Studies show that sales teams are increasingly diverted by activities other than selling. In fact, it was found that only 18% of their time is spent interacting with buyers. That’s like asking a rock star to sell tickets to his own concert, rather than practicing their guitar riffs, or drinking hot water with lemon backstage. When your sales team is responsible for scouring for their own content and creating their own materials, they’re stretched thin and prevented from best doing what they do best: selling. By deploying a Sales Content Automation solution, you give the sales team the ability to automate content when they need to, and more bandwidth to effectively make sales and connect with customers. 

Focus a bit on these areas of your sales, marketing, and customer relationship building efforts now. You’ll be free focus on your other New Year’s Resolutions after the ball drops, and ready to start the year strong.