PrintFast offers two different formats or styles of Thank You cards. One with a plastic gift card attached inside the Thank You card folder and one without a plastic gift card. Those without the plastic gift card will instead have the image of the gift card printed directly on the Thank You card. The difference is the Thank You cards without the plastic gift card costs less. Then, you have two options for the administration of the program. Either you can just send us your client list and we will take care of everything for you. Or, we can print and ship the Thank you cards, Gift cards (if applicable) and the envelopes to you with FREE UPS shipping, and you can mail them from your office. The advantage in this case is that the envelope will have your local postmark on the envelope.

There are two costs associated with this program. First, the initial setup cost which is for the printing of 500 each your Thank You folder, gift card and envelope. This is a one-time cost. Then, the other cost is a per piece cost as we mail out your Thank You cards weekly from your supplied list.

Initial setup cost for 500 each of the three items to be held in inventory for your future use $295.    Each Thank You card that is mailed out each week $2.99 each