We’ve touched upon some new marketing trends in past blogs, and look forward to bringing you a deeper look at those concepts in future blogs. In the meantime though, we are excited to keep you up to date with the cutting edge, newest trends as they happen. Thankfully, marketing trends aren’t fickle, and there is inspiring progress in ways to reach more of the people you want to target, in more memorable ways. Most of them are straight out of The Jetsons. So, as you get pumped to begin the new year with new momentum and marketing resolve, we present to you: The Marketing Trend Forecast for 2019!   

SEO Content Clustering 

The nature of Search Engine Optimization is that it’s ever evolving. What may be your most effective SEO bet today, may be ready for an update just a few months from now. This is due to changes in consumer behavior and algorithms, as well as technological advances. Content clustering is a new SEO technique of grouping content thematically, instead of by keywords. Search engines have recently changed their algorithms, and now show preferential treatment to clusters- content around topics- instead of a bunch of keywords. Investigate this subtle shift, and watch your lead generation expand.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence is better than a lack of intelligence. Let’s hope that’s a true statement, as it’s predicted that over 80% of customer service interactions will be conducted by AI bots within the next 2 years. AI has become the next big thing in marketing and social media. Facebook, Google, and Amazon have already adopted AI to supplement their customer experience, particularly online. 


To keep with the theme of the weird, wild, wave of the future, let us now enter the world of Chatbots. Chatbots are AI or computer programs that hold conversations either through auditory or text messages, and they’re designed to convince the user they’re talking to a hip, relatable person. Chances are you’ve already interacted with a chatbot and didn’t even know it. That’s how (unnaturally) natural they are. It still seems pretty odd to most of us, but their popularity is expected to grow, and it won’t be long until, for better or worse, they seem quite normal. They are predicted to be the first point of contact in many every day sales cycles.


The use of Influencers is another phenomenon changing the face of marketing. You’ve seen influencer posts and videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and likely felt compelled to watch. Why? Because they seem, to some degree, to be “just like us”, and that’s a powerful marketing concept. If they’re benefitting from a product or service, we feel like we might, too. And because influencers typically possess a charisma and aspirational quality, they still come with the glamour element of a celebrity. Because we feel we can somewhat trust the people we follow, influencers lend a legitimacy to trusting the big companies they’re representing. In any case, their influence isn’t expected to diminish. Influencer Marketing is predicted to grow in 2019.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through marketing in the 21st century! Set your phasers to “marketing fun”, and we’ll see you in the future! (2019, that is.)