Let’s begin by saying, that the proof that email newsletters “work” exists in the very fact you’re reading this one. Kind of like those billboards that say “Your Ad Here.” Where your eyes go, so does your attention. But, today, there are so many places for your eyes to go. “Multiple channels”, we call them, and multiple they are. At the end of the day, the idea of scrolling through another barrage of ads and stories feels about as relaxing as doing your taxes. But in this environment, newsletters can be highly effective, because in their relative stillness, they stand out. But, don’t let that stillness fool you. Once your customers are there, they’re met with a highly dynamic medium! 

Email Newsletters Are Active, Not Passive

Because we all check our email, when we make the decision to open one, we feel autonomous. We feel we are more engaged with the content we read because we’re the ones who have chosen to engage. This subtle shift already creates a dynamic that social media rarely does. If you have an intriguing subject line, or lead article that brings some value, you’re gonna get some people opening your letter.

Email Newsletters Will Get You Search Engine Love 

Newsletters are a really effective way to drive traffic to your site. Since Google uses traffic, engagement, and website conversions as part of its ranking algorithm, you’ll be rewarded with better rankings. When you’ve posted new content on your website, such as a resource, or new blog post, emailing your customers, and inspiring them to click through to your site, is an amazing way to get Google’s attention. 

Email Newsletters Allow You To Talk To Many 

Because different people are interested in different “value propositions”, the layout of your newsletter can be structured to touch them all. Some readers are looking to learn something new, others may be looking for a coupon or offer, and some may be interested in the goings on of your business, the gossip, if you will.

Mix this copy in an eye catching way in your newsletter’s design. Give a teaser for each topic, with a colorful graphic and the first few sentences of the article/feature written out. Then, link to your website at the bottom of each grouping of sentences, where your customer can go to read the rest of the content. Draw up a blueprint of how you’d like it to look to share your vision with your web-designer, or to keep you focused as you build it yourself. 

Email Newsletters Let You Put Your Brand First

Your business is always cultivating its brand identity. Make sure the look and feel of your newsletter is authentic to your business and take the opportunity to demonstrate why you’re the expert in your field. Be mindful in writing copy that reflects your brand’s voice, and choose visuals that build on your company’s logo and color scheme. 

Email Newsletters Aren’t Spam

This may feel like a buzzkill, but don’t forget to put a clear “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the email, for those with inbox fatigue. It’s an important legality, and it’s nothing personal if someone unsubscribes. In fact, they’ll think more highly of your company for respecting their right to a way out. You may even think about writing a brief, friendly bit of copy to confirm the unsubscribe.

Email Newsletters Provide A Break From The Sales Pitch

Because newsletters are all about content, articles that inform and stories that entertain, anything “sales-y” can feel jarring. Craft content that showcases your products and services. Cultivate a storytelling mindset, and the desire to help. Because of that sincerity, and a well-laid out design, people will click through to your website and explore your product/service naturally. You’ll experience boosted SEO, your brand will be fresh in your customers’ minds, and your relationships with customers and prospects will remain warm.  

So, go on and envision it, “Your Newsletter Here.” Caught ya lookin’!