If there’s one marketing truth we know for sure, it’s that two channels are better than one. When it comes to Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing, powerful data reveals the marketing magic that results from integrating the two. Whether it’s the 57% of millennials who’ve made purchases from Direct Mail campaigns, the emotional and tactile response that comes from a physical piece of mail, or the new Direct Mail technology that allows prospects to locate you in the digital realm (through QR Codes, Near-Field Communication, and Augmented Reality), integrating the two marketing modes is becoming as classic as a rabbit in a hat. Here are some best practices that’ll have you saying, “Abracadabra”.

Share Your Message, Twice.

Because your customers exist in this multi-channel world too, chances are they’ll see your content in one, or both, places. But, don’t count on it. Err on the side of thoroughness by delivering your most important info on both channels. As we’ve covered in previous articles, repetition is always a great thing in advertising, so there’s no danger in over-saturation.

Build On Your Story. 

As your customers become more familiar with your campaign, online and in their physical mailboxes, they will begin to build a relationship with it. Let your narrative evolve with each new piece of communication. Pick up where you left off. However, much like the recap at the beginning of a television episodic, feel free to restate your key messages and important previous content to keep your prospects up to date. 

Stay Consistent.

Make sure your digital and physical campaigns adhere to the same aesthetic. The fact that one requires electricity and one doesn’t should have no bearing on your graphics. Always put the consistency of your branding first. It helps your customers connect with you, and build familiarity and trust.

Allow One to Inform the Other.

Chances are you have a few customers who haven’t yet connected with you online. Utilize your Direct Mail pieces to initiate this dialogue and encourage them to take action. Make mention of your website on your Direct Mail, and encourage traffic there. Make sure an email collection call-to-action box greets them when they arrive. 

Use The Psychology of Words.

Studies have shown that readers are drawn to the words: announcing, introducing, new, now, free, easy, quick, and improved. In fact, the use of those words has been shown to increase sales. Similarly, when a customer feels like they’re being offered something exclusive, such as “customer only” discounts, or “preferred access”, they feel a sense of appreciation and loyalty, and are more likely to make a purchase.

The Psychology of Consistency.

If you thought “Flattery will get you everywhere” was just an expression, studies show that reinforcing a customer’s intelligence, and praising their loyalty or past purchases, inspires them to continue that behavior. Social scientists have determined that once a customer makes a decision, they’ll seek to keep their actions consistent going forward. That means there is significant power in reminding customers of their past decisions to work with your company. Doing so increases the likelihood they will buy from you again.

Utilize Online Data.

Use what you know about your customers to increase their sense of loyalty. With email and online analytics you can tailor your Direct Mail based on behaviors, preferences and past purchases. You can provide offers and services that meet their specific interests and buying needs. It’s highly effective to send personalized messages (such as birthday offers) to show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

So, while a show with David Copperfield on the Vegas Strip may not quite be in the works, remember, when it comes to dazzling your customers online and through Direct Mail, Magic Happens.