You’ve heard the old saying, “It takes all kinds.” There’s no place where that truth is more apparent than in an employee group. Different personalities just excel in different areas. Front of house differs from back of house differs from management. The personality of the actuary is usually quite different from the head of sales. For instance, when you’re able to identify certain consistent traits of what makes a great marketer, you can better assist your marketing team in doing their best. Whether you’re hiring someone new, or looking to better understand your existing staff, here’s a look into the wonderful traits that comprise great marketers.   

They’re Curious

A great marketer is someone who can look at trends, assess risks, and come up with innovative strategies. To do this well, they’re always seeking more data. In order to conceive of the best campaign to fit the company’s needs, great marketers seek to understand all aspects of those needs. Who’s the target audience? What’s worked in the past? What new ideas are out there? Great marketers are great social scientists and data analysts.

They’re Social Media Mavens

Social media is pretty much unavoidable for most of us these days. But for a marketer, it’s practically a new religion. Marketers, being curious, have figured out the “rules” of social media. What content gets the most likes? What times of day are best to post? To hashtag? Or not to hashtag? Again, in the spirit of curiosity, they test different images and strategies to see what’s most effective. Simply having an Instagram or Facebook account does not a great marketer make. One must know how to use it. And great marketers, whether through trial and error, or extensive research, know.

They Have The Eye of the Tiger

In any position, the desire to be the best is a good trait. For marketers, however, this trait has a certain visible, more extroverted quality to it. Because marketers interact with people, in order to reach people, their passion can be seen on the outside. When their love is in their work, you can feel it. The determination to get it right every time is palpable. “Just okay” is not enough.

They Observe People

A true “people person” listens as well as speaks. Listening provides the fuel a great marketer needs to deliver campaigns that suit the company’s mission: to connect with its audience. Great marketers must understand the brand’s identity, as well as the target audience. And so they pay attention to people.

They Never Stop Learning

In every profession, there exists the need to stay up-to-date with current trends and advancements. Who would go to a dentist using tools from a bygone era? While that’s an extreme example, great marketers understand that innovation means better results. Therefore, a great marketer is always looking to utilize and test new ideas and strategies.

They Know Failure Is A Dress Rehearsal for Success

Great marketers learn from their mistakes. Why? Because they love to win. Losses are looked at as data for future success.  The more losses, the more lessons. Defeat is an attitude, and great marketers know that. They also know it’s far more fun to feel victorious, and so they seek out that feeling with great focus and enthusiasm.

They’re Creative

Creativity is a gift. While it can be developed in concrete-sequentials, there’s no substitute for innate creativity. Creativity is often accompanied by humor, color, and an element of pizazz, all elements of memorable marketing campaigns. In addition to their analytical sides, great marketers possess a right-brained ability to free-associate, adapt to change, and connect seemingly unrelated concepts, creating surprising and effective campaigns.

So, give your marketing team high-fives. And let them know you appreciate all the traits that make them uniquely great, and one of a kind.