Using Videos For Recruiting

Remember the rush you would get in grade school when the teacher wheeled a television into the classroom? It meant you were watching a video! And even if the video was about hygiene or driver’s education, or a subject you had little interest in learning, the video medium alone was cause for celebration. What is it about a moving image that delights us? Delight us it does. Videos have risen to the Head of the Class when it comes to marketing. When it comes to “shares”, videos get over 1,000% more than still images. And, companies with video marketing campaigns grow their revenue 50% faster. Add to those numbers the fact that it can be very affordable to produce and you have yourself a reason to press “play.” But, video isn’t just for marketing. Thanks to a new management tool, there are exciting, fresh ways video can liven up your business operations.

Organizing Your Efforts

Because of the effectiveness and versatility of video, your content will multiply quickly, and because of this, many businesses are adding to their portfolio of management systems with the newest in the bunch: the VCMS (Video Content Management System.) These centralized programs allow you to manage your video content from creation to distribution, with added analytics built right in to track each video’s progress and success. We love VCMSs for those and many reasons, but an unexpected benefit is their use across multiple departments.

Pre-Interview Screening For You

VCMSs can make the hiring process a lot more convenient, by allowing you to conduct interviews that require less scheduling, while still getting an accurate sense of whether the applicant might be a fit. You can record and share the interview with other decision makers, and gather notes and comments, as well as questions other hiring personnel would like to ask if there’s a second interview.

Pre-Interview Screening For Recruits

When it comes to recruiting, a VCMS can help strengthen the reputation of your brand and attract the right applicants. By providing recruits with guest access to your video portal, you can allow them a glimpse into company culture, day-to-day operations and relevant job responsibilities. This helps recruits determine if they think they’re a fit, and answers questions pre-interview that allow the process to move more smoothly and efficiently.

Training New Employees

Once you’ve hired a new employee, the VCMS fun has only just begun. With video made and preserved through a VCMS you can carry on the tradition of video in education by creating a video training library. You can curate chapters covering everything from day-to-day tasks, important skills, customer role-playing scenarios and more. It’s also a great way to expose employees to more than one training style, allow for self-pacing, and to keep the trainee engaged, the same way you were back in grade school.

Extended Ed/Advanced Study for Employees

VCMSs allow your employees to access videos remotely, which opens up countless possibilities. If an employee is looking to expand their skill set, looking to move to the next level of mastery in what they were hired to do, or would like someday to explore a different facet of the company, they can explore training videos from the comfort of their own homes, or even while out in the field.

With VCSMs, you can create a stronger, leaner, team, empowered by content, giving you more bandwidth to run the rest of your business. Find creative ways to implement video into your business practice. As it turns out, the excitement we all felt from watching a video in class wasn’t as frivolous as we may have thought. Join the modern A/V club and watch your business operations rejoice.