There is a simple truth in business as it relates to your existing and past clients…”If you forget them, they will forget you”. Why then, do so many home service providers ignore their past clients by not staying in touch by announcing their latest products and services? Or better yet, why don’t they send a quarterly newsletter that is fun, friendly and educational? Another known truth in business is that it’s easier and costs less to keep a client rather than market, find and develop a new one. Again..why wouldn’t anyone want to stay in touch with their clients?

The solution is easy. Just send a quarterly newsletter that will keep your existing and past clients connected to your brand. PrintFast offers a simple solution for sending newsletters that is low cost and will add strong retention value to your homeowners. Each issue can be fully customized with your company colors, logos and offers. You can even make edits to the articles and content.

Remember, if you do not stay in touch with your clients on a regular basis you may lose their future opportunities.  And, at the same time, your competition is most likely sending them their marketing materials too.

Click on the newsletter image to the right to see the four page issue.